Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Skaven Warlord

Here is another project I've finished in this month :) This time I focused on working with true metallic metal. It's different than NMM technique as I usually use especially the reflection of the metalic colors, and It makes this technique a little bit difficult during the painting process. Also, I followed these tutorials as shown below and try to make it the best that I can :)
   - True Metallic Metal - Step by Step video tutorial 
      by Iguazzu from Cursed Monkey (very helpful and ease of understanding)
   - Metallics article by Automaton
   - Tutorial - Painting True Metallic Metal (TMM) 
      by Jarhead from MASSIVE VOODOO
      (both articles are quite interesting and very helpful as well)

For painting TMM, I used metallic colors from Vallejo Model Air & Model Color (Silver & Gun (VMA), Silver & Gunmetal Grey (VMC) and Citadel (Runefang Steel & Sycora Bronze) and used Dark Rust, Light Rust (Vallejo Panzer Aces) for the rusted area inside the shadow.

After it finished, the result wasn't good enough as I expected, especially the grains of the metallic looks a little bit too big and off the scale (when comparision to the others in those tutorials). Maybe it because I coated the whole mini with flat clear and it made the grains clearly visible. I'm still working on this technique and need more practice. :)

This mini is up for sale on ebay along with Eldar Farseer. If you are interested, please click the names below for the links to the auction :

Happy bidding all :) 

Also, I've decided to accept commission works for painting miniatures wargames or historical figures. If you are interested in my works and have any questions, Please feel free to contact me via: tgdbk1-at-gmail-dot-com

Eldar Farseer

This is the first mini that I've finished since I live here. It took several months to finish because at the early months when I arrived, I have many things to do about living and studying. And when I have more free time for painting, I realized that I've forgot some of my frequently used tools in Thailand. Many things that necessary for modelling such as sandpaper, putty, glue, palette, oil paints, pigments and a lot of materials for making the base. *o* Now I'm start to collecting all of this stuff again.

At this time, I still don't have airbrush and compressor. It's the important tool for my works (especially if I want to build AFV models or Diorama). Because even all of my minis were painted with a brush, but for the priming and coating (Flat clear) I always used an airbrush, which better than using a black primer spray or super clear flat spray in my opinion. And of course, airbrush can do many things better and faster than a brush, this is the important tool that I must buy asap.

However, This mini was finished by using acrylic (VMC) for both painting and weathering. I've changed the color scheme and added freehand for make it different than GW version. Also, these pictures were taken with my brother's camera. It's not a good camera for taking close up pictures like this, which It's needed for taking miniatures pictures to show their little details. Sorry for some blurred details and out of focus, this is the best I can do at this moment  :( 

Lastly, I'm not sure about the correctness of grammar while writing this article. Hope it's better than before and I'll keep practicing for the better. :)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

NMM Graffiti

Today I'm pround to introduce you with my best friend's works. His name is Dea, one of my best friend and partnership of my career in Thailand. We works together as graffiti artists for more than 10 years. After I've moved to US, he still works there and improved his painting skills and techniques all the time. A few days ago he showed me his latest work with the NMM technique by using  spray cans.

His works are always impressed and inspired me(especially the paintings), and here is some of his previous work. :)

Hope you like it :) 
and If you interested and want to see more of his works, please visit 
Happy painting to all of you :)