Saturday, November 30, 2013

2 year anniversary

2 years has passed since I started my blog. At that time, It was the same time that I decided to try something new and different from military models that I've been doing for 20 years. And after I stepped into miniatures Fantasy & Sci-Fi world and started to create my blog. I've learned many painting techniques through the blogs and website that I never knew before when I was making military models; such as NMM, OSL, Zenithal lighting, even Glazing and Wet blending. It's changed my point of view about painting figures and improved my painting skill to grow fast and better as I never expected. 

Therefore, I want to say; Thank you so much for all who shared their knowledge, experiences and techniques through their blogs and websites.(like those on my blog list) I've learned many things from all of you over the past 2 years. Also, Thank you so much to every followers and visitors, you are the reason who makes me want to share my work, idea and technique (and want to improve my English :)
In the future, I hope to make more tutorials on my blog when my English is getting better :) and hope my blog will be more useful to the others same as I've received from them. As like many people said, sharing is an important thing to make this hobby grow. :) 

" Thank you so much :) "

Friday, November 29, 2013

Imperial Fists Veteran Sergeant (wip4)

A quick update on this project, just finished hand painted Imperial fists symbol and shading on the backpack and hands. More to come soon!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Imperial Fists Veteran Sergeant (wip3)

A little update of this project. I've already finished shading on the armor and added the NMM on some metal parts. It looks a bit new and clean in this stage, but it will tone down after the weathering process. 

And here is another update for Dark Angels Company Master.
More update soon!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Imperial Fists Veteran Sergeant (wip2)

This is my first time to paint the whole mini with yellow. This color is very difficult to paint especially when painted with a brush. It took several hours to paint yellow base color over the black base coat (as I usually spray on my mini) , because the yellow is slightly translucent than other colors and it requires recoating many times in order to give the yellow opaque and covers all of the black base coat. 
Also, The shading process was different than usual because the same reason as well. I used glaze medium from Vallejo mixed in the colors and diluted with water, then applied many layers of each shadow and highlight tone until it blended smooth with the yellow base color. (this process took several hours as well, just only on the legs :) I've already finished shading on the legs but still more work to do, I'll post an update soon :)  
(you can see the list of colors I used below)

Colors list for Imperial fists
                           Citadel Paints                            Vallejo Model Color
                           Base: Rhinox Hide                    70856 Ochre Brown
                           Base: Averland Sunset             70875 Beige Brown
                           Layer: Yriel Yellow                   70918 Ivory
                                                                                26233 Glaze Medium

                                  a.  Shadow 4:     Rhinox Hide 
                                  b.  Shadow 3:     Shadow 2 + Rhinox Hide (3:1)
                                  c.  Shadow 2:     Shadow 1 + Beige Brown (1:3)
                                  d.  Shadow 1:     Ochre Brown
                                  e.  Base:             Averland Sunset
                                  f.   Highlight 1:  Base + Yriel Yellow (2:1)
                                  g.  Highlight 2:  Base + Yriel Yellow (1:2)
                                  h.  Highlight 3:  Yriel Yellow
                                  i.   Highlight 4:  Yriel Yellow + Ivory (2:1)