Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Rats are there part 1

Tamiya : M13/40 Italian medium tank (converted to M14/41)
Alpine Miniatures : 350104 A Conversation in the Desert (2 Figures)

After the M14/41 tank is made, it is arranged on the vignette along with figures from Alpine and Tamiya that came with the tank kit. I want this vignette to tell a story of a cooperation between Italian soldiers and German paratroopers ( DAK Ramcke Brigade) under Rommel's command in the fight against British in North African battlefield in 1942.

The background is made from DAS modeling clay, fine grain sand and cat litter sprinkled on top of the surface. 

In order to integrate with the Alpine figure, I had to make the top part of Tamiya figure from scratch with epoxy putty from Tamiya and Alteco. It is painted with Mr. Color from GSI and skin tone is done with acrylic paint. 

Reference for Italian military uniforms

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