Friday, January 17, 2014

In Progress, January 2014

Here are the projects that I'm currently working on and some of it are still waiting on the table from last year  :) Every times when I finished any projects, I usually start the new project and working along with the old one when it use the same process such as cleaning, assembling, filling, sanding or sculpting. In order to make it has more progress in every projects (even a little bit progress :) This is because I have many project that I've planed to do and this method helps me to save more time during the making of each project. Also, makes me have more time to consider about the details, composition or etc. and a chance to improve or change some details on the old projects to make it even better before painting. 

As you can see, I've finished the construction of two marines for SMOD project and now it's ready to paint. I've planed to write an article of how to make a display plinth with gaming base socket that I made for The Emperor's Champion. I'll post more progress of SMOD and the article soon. 
Also, this is the second time that I post the progress of Orc flagger (you can see the first post here). It has changed a lot from the begining (because the reason that I mentioned earlier of this post), and this is the third base that I made for this mini. This time it looks better in composition and has more details to tell the story. I'm happy with the results and now it's ready to paint as well.
Another project on my workbench is Recon Grenadiers from Dust Tactics. I love the concept and mechanics design of this game and want to paint it for a long time. These minis are the part of the vignette that I've planed to do and hope I can finished in this year. 
The last one is goblin standard bearer, I have a funny idea for this little guy and hope it works when finished.
So far from my workbench, Happy Modelling to all :)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Imperial Fists Veteran Sergeant (finished)

Happy New Year Followers & Visitors of my blog, I hope this year brings happiness to everyone and brings everything you hope for :) 
Here are the final pictures of this project. It was painted & weathered with acrylic colors (VMC & Citadel), you can find the list for yellow colors and ratio that I used by click [here]Also, I would like to say Thank you very much to Volomir for the inspiration from his work "Brother Fonsel" and my customer who Initiated this project. I'm starting to like the yellow and maybe will make Imperial Fists Terminator for my own collection in the future :)
Now It's time to get back to another projects that are still waiting on my table from last year :) (SMOD no.2 & 3 and other fantasy mini). I'll post the update soon :)