Friday, March 22, 2013


Scale : 32 mm metal figure
Manufacture : CMON Miniatures
Sculpted by Pedro Fernandez

My latest project, an entry  for The Russian Alternative Battle 4 (contest theme "Undead"). I have tried to make the layouts of this piece more somber and gloomy with the use of colors and the overall ambiance, in order for this miniature to be suited with the concept. The base is also an important part, which tells the story of this piece and at the same time causing it to look attractive. It was made from a sheet of plaster (cast from a plastic box lid with 1cm thickness), cut and carved in a pillar(piers) shape with arches on top.
Painted was done mainly with different shades of grey, black and brown from Vallejo model colors on both the miniature and the base, and weathered with oil colors and MIG pigments.

Even though I may not have won any prices from The RAB4, but what I considered was reward for me was a comment from Ben Komets and Matt Cexwish (Judges of RAB4). It's going to be very helpful for my next project. As I have learned to recognize my errors and mistakes on my work piece, it enables me to improve my painting skills, I really appreciate it. Hope I will have a chance to participate with the contest from The RAB next time. J

Many thanks to the organizer of The RAB4 contest and congratulation to all the winners (very well deserved prize). You can see the report of The RAB4 and gallery of the contest works by clicking -[ RAB4 Report & RAB4 Contest Works ]-. There are so many impressive and inspiring works from many well known artists, worth to take a look and be enjoyed. 

Happy Modelling and Painting to all.


  1. Fantastic work! It's absolutely completed story and the theme "Undead" is is fully extended. I think that there is nothing to add and nothing to take away in this work. I so like the color choice which creates this atmosphere. Bravo!
    This work was on my own top 4 in the contest. I was sure that it will fight for third place. And I was disappointed and disagree with the judges' comments and rating for it. But each of us has his own view and thoughts. So good luck on the next competitions!

    1. Thank you for your kind and honest comment. I believe that the quality of photographs is very important in helping the judges see the works' details. However, I'm not that good taking photos and the judges may have their own opinions on the matter. :)
      At any rate, your and judges' comments will certainly help me improve my painting skill. Thanks again :)

  2. Another WOW.

    You are really outdoing yourself with these recent models.

    Once again thank you for posting the images.

    I think the base is fantastic.