Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Grey Knights - Justicar Jedidiah (Finished)

Converted from Grey Knight Brotherhood Champion

Finally I've finished this project. It been 5 months since I've posted the first WIP, such a long time for a small project like this piece. J You can find previous posts on this project (including list of the colors and ratio for the NMM Silver & Gold) by clicking [Here]

Also, This is the last project I've finished in Thailand before moving to USA (Los angeles-California) next month. I'll be there for a few years to learn and improve my English and find some jobs. I think I'm going to be very busy for the next 2-3 months once I got there. So, wish me luck for a new path of my life and hope I'll find some free time to continue my work and my passion again. J

Happy modelling & painting to all of you, I'll see you again soon! J


  1. WOW MAN!!!! One of the best painted mini I have seen this year, AWESOME!! Very inspirational!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great work. 5 month well spent if you ask me. Just the freehand on the banner alone would take me months. Don't forget to throw that beauty up on C'MON - like you need more 10s ;)

  3. Very great painting and great work! 5 months well spent indeed. Agree that the banner is just fantastic, love the work you did on it! And the blending on the armor, great job! Best of luck on moving to the US.. hope it all works out for you in the best ways possible!

  4. Wow, this is just absolutely beautiful. Everything from the attention to detail to the blending of colors is really well done. Congrats on this.

  5. Really fantastic your work .... Spectacular .... and thanks for following my little blog ..... insist .... spectacular!!

  6. OMG it's amazing. Best GK i've ever seen...
    How do you get that bright highlights so clean? Freehand is so epic...
    Waiting for more of your minis. They're always awesome

  7. Oh Boy!

    This is something very special - thank you for posting the images.


  8. Thank you very much guys for all of your nice & kind comments.
    Always a pleasure to hear any comments from all of you. :)