Friday, November 8, 2013

Imperial Fists Veteran Sergeant (wip2)

This is my first time to paint the whole mini with yellow. This color is very difficult to paint especially when painted with a brush. It took several hours to paint yellow base color over the black base coat (as I usually spray on my mini) , because the yellow is slightly translucent than other colors and it requires recoating many times in order to give the yellow opaque and covers all of the black base coat. 
Also, The shading process was different than usual because the same reason as well. I used glaze medium from Vallejo mixed in the colors and diluted with water, then applied many layers of each shadow and highlight tone until it blended smooth with the yellow base color. (this process took several hours as well, just only on the legs :) I've already finished shading on the legs but still more work to do, I'll post an update soon :)  
(you can see the list of colors I used below)

Colors list for Imperial fists
                           Citadel Paints                            Vallejo Model Color
                           Base: Rhinox Hide                    70856 Ochre Brown
                           Base: Averland Sunset             70875 Beige Brown
                           Layer: Yriel Yellow                   70918 Ivory
                                                                                26233 Glaze Medium

                                  a.  Shadow 4:     Rhinox Hide 
                                  b.  Shadow 3:     Shadow 2 + Rhinox Hide (3:1)
                                  c.  Shadow 2:     Shadow 1 + Beige Brown (1:3)
                                  d.  Shadow 1:     Ochre Brown
                                  e.  Base:             Averland Sunset
                                  f.   Highlight 1:  Base + Yriel Yellow (2:1)
                                  g.  Highlight 2:  Base + Yriel Yellow (1:2)
                                  h.  Highlight 3:  Yriel Yellow
                                  i.   Highlight 4:  Yriel Yellow + Ivory (2:1)

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