Monday, June 25, 2012

Malagor The Dark Omen

From : Warhammer
Armies : Beastmen
Unit type :  Lords & Heroes
Scale : 28mm metal figure 
Manufacturer : Game Workshop

For the assembly, actually, this model is already beautifully made. However, I wanted its head lifted up and turned more to the right from the original. Also since I usually do painting part by part so they will not overlap one another, I molded the lines around the neck and middle of the back with epoxy putty. The parts would be assembled only once all of them are painted. This makes all parts fit better and hide the joints between the wings and the back and between the head and the neck, giving them a look of being a single piece, without additional paint afterward which could be more complicated.

In the picture, there is epoxy molded around neck, back and nail.

Again, I used NMM technique on the metal parts and tried to give iron parts rusty look. Meanwhile, the base is made from Das Modeling Clay. I left the clay out in the open air for about 15 to 30 minutes. Once hardened, it could be mold to different shapes with rough surface to be arranged with the model.

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