Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to Military World

After having experienced Miniature Wargames and learned many painting techniques, it is time for me to apply those acquired techniques on military-type figures. I chose to work on a figure from MiniSoldiers which I think has one of the best looking modern military figures, on both sculpting the  details and high quality molding material. Hopefully, my painting skill will do justice to these two figures. :)

Here are some detail shots.
MS0014 - PVT. 101st Division (Desert Storm)


I ordered these figures from an online shop in Hong Kong because in Thailand, modeling hobby is not so popular. The kits available locally are mostly plastic; resin, metal or conversion kits are difficult to come by here. The only way for me to get ahold of these kits is to order from online shops or eBay. The advance communication technology is expanding the model hobbyist world; thanks to the investor of internet. :)  
I have decided to post links to these shops on the left menu. I have bought kits from these shops before and received good services from them. I make no personal gain from these shops and just want to introduce where buy model kits and tools to those who might be interested. I hope you will find them somewhat useful. Happy modeling everyone!!

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