Friday, August 24, 2012

Lord of The Gabrax (Finished)

Converted from Aanchuth The Cursed
(Warlock of The Gabrax)
From : Banelegions - BaneLords BNL-031
Scale : 35mm resin figure 
Manufacturer : Maelstromgames 

This is my first time making a mini from Banelegions. Although the original molded figure is not perfect (some excess and overlap on molding lines). But with a beautiful sculpting details, making it fun to paint and a pleasure when it finished. I believe that I will find more minis from BaneLegions to work with them again.
(There are many more beautiful and interesting. Take a look at BaneLords & BaneBeasts pages).

For the base, I will post the SBS instruction on how to make it soon (but let's me tried to translated into English first). Happy Modelling to all :)


  1. Dude!!!!!!!! You are crazy!!!! it is sic!!!! aweeesomeeeeeee! :D

  2. Camelson - Many thanks for your comment. Your works are inspired me too. :)

  3. It's a really wonderful work! I like so much a color choice, a leather texture (thank you for tutorial), a freehand on the banner and, of course, a main character. All work is done at a very high level with crazy attention to details.
    But I want to express my opinion about some details which could do this work better. (You can be not agree with me, of course, this is your work and your vision. I'm sorry if it will so.) The first, I like the way you've painted a rhino skin, but to my mind it looks a bit monotonous. May be more color in shades could correct this situation, especially near the skin edges to divide the range part from the stomach parts. And the second, I think that the base is on lack of some details: may be several footsteps or something under the snow... There is nothing catches an eye on such big construction.
    And what do you think about it?
    I would like to listen you comments about my works too (if you'll have a desire to share). It helps to look on miniature from another side and develop yourself, isn't it?

  4. River- Thank you very much for your kind comment and very helpful suggestion, I'm agree with it. :) Many times when I'm working on a figures or minis, I can't see any mistake on my works because I had only my vision which thought these works are good enough. But with a help from another, makes me to see something that I miss or didn't realize. :D
    I will definitely used these suggestion to improved my next projects and hope you will leave any comments on my works again. :)

    1. I always have the same situation :). And it's really plesure for me to listen some adequate and constructive advices to use it in further. And I would like to see your new works soon!

  5. WOW.

    Fantastic mini.

    very well done.