Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dark Angels Company Master

(Space Marines On Display no.01)

This is my latest work and also my first finished mini for project "Space Marines On Display" that I introduced on my previous post. It was painted with Vallejo Model Colors, and I tried to use a different and exotic color that I've never done before like this pair of purple and green. I used VMC Royal Purple for the cloak and I mixed the green for Dark Angels from VMC instead of using GW caliban green, because it's too much bright in my opinion and not match with my taste. :) Also, I changed my usual colors for the NMM Gold and Silver by followed HopeRiver's tutorials and used the same colors as she did. As well as the freehand painted on the cloak, I used the same method as she described on her tutorial for painting and blending freehand on the cloak.  I'm happy with the results and thanks to HopeRiver for sharing these useful tutorials. 

Empire General Step-by-step Part1 - Horse (NMM Gold & Silver)
Empire General Step-by-step Part2 - General (Painting Cloak)

The base was made from pieces of plaster and real brick debris, and added some copper wire and scrap parts from Space marines in order to make it has some story on the base. The painting and weathering was done with VMC acrylic colors. This was the repeating process of wash, glazing and blending technique until I satisfied with the result. I used VMC Stone Grey and various shades of brown and sand for the base and painted the space marines parts in Chaos Space Marines Black Legion color scheme.

If you interested in this mini. Please take a look on the eBay auction in the link below and please stay tuned for the next mini for Space Marines on Display on my blog soon. :)

List of the colors for DA Green

                                               70890 Reflective Green
                                               70897 Bronze Green
                                               70922 Uniform Green
                                               70979 German Cam. Dark Green

                                              Shadow    : Base + 70979
                                              Base         : 70890 + 70897 
                                              Highlight : Base + 70922

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  1. He came out awesome, I like the debree in the rocks. I have started my Space wolf base check it out :)