Thursday, December 19, 2013

Imperial Fists Veteran Sergeant (wip5)

I've finished painting the face and chipped effects on the armor. The chipped paint was done with the same method as I used for AFV models (Click here, sorry for only in Thai). However, if you want to learn about how to weather your models, I recommended you to start with the articles "Rarities World" by Miguel "MIG" Jimenez, former (also founder) of MIG productions & AK Interactive. He wrote these articles on Missing-Lynx more than ten years ago but it still up to date and very helpful for every modeller or painter who wants to understand about the weathering. :)

Stay tuned!!


  1. You have some of the best skills and sharpest brushwork when it comes to details and textures in this entire hobby. This shapes up to be another fantastic marine. Will it go on sale?

    The subtle, yellow blending of highlights and shadows on the armour - was it done by blending it with paintbrush, or did You use zenithal lighting with an airbrush?

    1. Hi Adam,
      Thank you for comment and your kind words :) This is my commission work and it's not for sale, but I appreciate you liked it. And yes, I painted only with paintbrush because I don't have an airbrush at this moment and I used glaze medium to help the colors was easier for blending. :)
      Best Wishes,

    2. While I learned I can make pretty good blendings myself when I devote enough effort to it, I've found it takes me way too much time to complete a miniature with seamless looking transitions between colors. Out of curiosity: more or less, how long did it take You to finish the yellow armour? Couse I don't know if this is simply a time consuming proces, or am I just unusually slow. ;)

    3. Maybe I spent around 20 hours to finish the yellow on the armour and backpack. I'm not sure, but I think I painted 4-5 hours per day and finished in 4-5 days. :)
      In my opinion, to paint with paintbrush is better for control the colors transitions between highlight and shadow in small areas like this. Even It took many hours than using an airbrush but I think the result is worth the effort. :)

    4. I gotta work on my timing then :)

      BTW. Do You have any tips when it comes to painting such super delicate, super small details like the armour scratches You made here? Is there some secret in regard to paint consistancy and brush type, or is it just Your steady hand?

    5. Happy New Year Adam,
      In my opinion, except for the steady hand that you can improve by keep practicing with a paintbrush, the good fine brush is very important for the details works. In this mini I used Winsor & Newton Series 7 No.00 brush that I bought from a local art store in LA many months ago. The price of 25.99$ with tax made this is the most expensive brushes that I ever bought. But after I used it for painting the details of this mini, I can say it was very easy to use and made a better results (especially if you have some experiences with using a paintbrush) than a cheap paintbrush (example a thin scratch line on the left shoulder), and made your works easier and spent less hours than before.
      You can find the reason why this expensive paintbrush is better than the others by read this article by Meg Maples, and maybe it helps you to decide to buy this brush easier :)