Monday, December 16, 2013

New Gallery Sections

Last week, I decided to create the new gallery and tutorials sections, in order to make it easy to find and make my blog more organized. :) Now you can see the new gallery sections on top of the page.

Miniatures Gallery  :  for 30mm scale and under
Figures Gallery        :  for 1/35 or 54mm scale and over, Busts and Toys
Military Gallery       :  for AFVs models, Military Dioramas and Vignettes
Tutorials                   :  for Painting Techniques & Diorama Techniques

Also, as you have already seen. I posted a lot of my old painted figures that I finished between 2007-2010 in order to collect all of my works in the new gallery. Maybe these works are out of date when compared with my latest work, but i think it's good (for me :) to see a comparison of development before and after I learned to paint with acrylic colors. However, It's been a long time since I finished my last military and historical figures, hope I'll have a chance to paint them soon :)

Happy Painting!!

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