Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Lord of The Gabrax (part 1)

My latest work to compete in Banelegions 2012 Contest @ WAMP. It's converted from BaneLords - Aanchuth the Cursed.
My idea for this project is to change him from a warlock to a lord with battle standard (I love a figures or minis with a battle standards because they look more interesting than usual. :)

I've started making a new horn with Milliput and added more fur (or hair?) around his neck, on the face, and a gap between the sronox (rhino) head on a cloak. I also changed the sword from the original piece provided with plastic sheet and decorated a base of the sword with Milliput in a half Baalor's eye shape.

The importance of this project is to made a battle standard by using old parts from the warlock staff (jaws) and combine them into a new battle standard without changing the concept of the character design. I used a toothpick to made a main pole first and added a plastic tube for the cross pole.
I used original jaws but put more details made from copper wire and small chain to decorated the top of the pole for the original concept look.
After that, I made a flag by using an Alteco's epoxy putty and rolled it until it become a thin sheet then cut it in order to shape and stick it to the cross pole. Adjust it to a shape of the battle standard as it is wavered by the wind and make sure it will remain in this position when it is completely dried.

An original picture of Aanchuth the Cursed form BaneLegions.

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